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Food Drive – Fourth Week Winner

Congratulations to John Bosch, our fourth and final weekly draw winner. John choose a copy of the EyeFoods Kids book.


People were again very generous this year and all collected items were delivered to the Forest Food Bank last week.

Food Collected


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“20/20 Isn’t Everything”

“20/20 Isn’t Everything” is a new short video of particular interest to teachers and parents. The video, created by Ontario optometrists Dr. Schell and Dr. Maharaj, shows an experiment conducted with four teachers to simulate a variety of vision problems which may affect a child’s ability to learn. The teacher’s responses are revealing and insightful.

20 20 isn't everything

A child requires clear comfortable vision to learn in a classroom environment. It is thought that 80% of learning is visual. Two common misconceptions held by some parents is that if a child is able to see something small, or if they don’t complain about their vision then all should be fine.  In fact one in six children has an eye or vision problem significant enough to affect learning. Unfortunately, many children do not receive a comprehensive eye examination before they enter their school years.

Four common vision problems affecting children are myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and binocular vision disorders. Myopia or nearsightedness blurs distance vision. This condition is the most readily understood and identified by parents.

Hyperopia or farsightedness causes a child to accommodate more than necessary to achieve clear vision. This can result in eyestrain, headaches, variable blurred vision especially at near and an inability to sustain clear focus.

Astigmatism can cause mild to significant blurring at far and near. Sometimes a child with astigmatism is able to see fairly small things if encouraged but it is not very comfortable.

Good binocular coordination of the eyes is important in sustaining comfortable vision. If the eyes are unable to comfortably maintain accurate alignment words may run together, a child may easily lose their place reading, or they may have double vision.

Of course there are other eye and vision problems that can affect learning such as anisometropia, accommodative disorders and many different eye structural anomalies or disease. A child may also have more than one disorder.

20/20, a measurement of visual acuity, is only one component of good vision. We certainly encourage parents to have their children’s eyes tested regularly beginning at the age of six months. ESEL is a great program targeting junior kindergarten students to have a comprehensive eye examination. Ensure that your child is seeing their best at school by booking a comprehensive eye examination soon.

Contribute to the Forest Food Bank Drive

We’re collecting for the Forest Food Bank again this year. We decided to help fill the shelves a little earlier in the season. From September 30 to October 25 bring a nonperishable food item when you visit our office. Peanut butter, canned vegetables, baked beans and soup are in high demand.

Complete a ballot with your donation to win a prize . At the end of each week during the drive we will be giving away a copy of the Eye Food book (for a description of the book see my blog from March, 2012).

Introducing Julie & Kaytiee

I’m excited to introduce two new members of our office team.

Julie is currently training and working as an optometric assistant in our office. You may meet her in the eyewear gallery or while conducting some preliminary tests during your examination. Julie is completing her communicative disorders assistant diploma this August and she has earned a BA in Kinesiology.


Kaytiee has already begun working as an optometric assistant. She is completing her Opticianry degree from Georgian College and brings valuable work experience to our office. She is excited to put her training and experience to practice in our office. She will be with us for about 1 year covering a maternity leave.


I hope you will have an opportunity to meet Julie and Kaytiee next time you are in the office and welcome them to Arkona!

Sport Performance Eyewear

Advanced technologies have been developed to address the individual’s unique requirements for eyewear. Lately, individualized custom single vision and progressive addition lenses enhance vision by providing a large area of distortion free viewing. One example of a recent innovative development is the new state-of-the-art sunglasses designed for athletes offered by a partnership between adidas and Shamir Optical. Attempts to use traditional prescription lenses in wrapped sunwear have been fraught with difficulty because of inadequate lens fit, edge thickness issues and optical distortion induced by a steep front lens curve.

Shamir Smart Attitude™ and Autograph Attitude™ lenses address these obstacles for single vision and multifocal wearers. Progressive wearers can enjoy further personalization with Shamir Golf ™, a lens designed to provide maximum vision of the scorecard in their hand, the ball at their feet and the green in the distance or Shamir Run™, a lens designed to provide sharp distance vision, a clear safety zone (1m -5m around the runner) and near. Furthermore the lenses incorporate one of the four LST technology filters developed by adidas for specific sporting requirements such as running, biking, golfing, sailing, snowboarding and tennis. Adidas sports frames are light weight, offer excellent protection and a great field of view.

Athletes who are interested in serious sports performance eyewear are welcome to ask us more about this exciting new product.

Eyewear survey

“The staff were very helpful in helping me pick out my frames for glasses and sunglasses. They added the personal touch especially when it was hard making the final decision.”

This is one of the many positive comments we received from our eyewear satisfaction survey. We had a better than expected response rate and 92% of respondents were “very satisfied” with the overall service they received.

Congratulations goes to two of the respondents, Brad Brooks and Ryan Sparling, who were selected by random draw to each receive a credit of $30 toward their recent eyewear purchase.

Here is a sample of some of the submitted comments:

“The eyewear I purchased fit fine and the help was much appreciated in choosing a good frame.”

“I was treated with courtesy. The waiting room was comfortable. The staff were very friendly.”

“The girls were very helpful in picking out my frames for daily wear and sunglasses. I appreciate the one on one service received when picking out the frames and the help the other staff in determining which pair to pick.”

“Very professional and friendly service from all.”

“The ladies always provide great, friendly service!”

“The customer service is like no other!”

Congratulations Kinnwood JK class!

Congratulations to the Kinnwood Central School JK class for having the most ESEL eyes examinations in the Lambton/Kent region this year!

Yesterday I had the privelege of presenting Kinnwood Central School JK/SK teachers Mrs. VanValkenburg and Mrs. MacKinlay with an Eye See… Eye Learn award for having the most junior kindergarten students in Lambton/Kent/Sarnia region to receive an Eye See… Eye Learn eye examination. ESEL is a program sponsored by the Ontario Association of Optometrists, the provincial government and industry designed to encourage each child to have an eye examination in their junior kindergarten year.  Clear comfortable vision is a key component to a child’s success in school. About one in six children have a vision problem that can affect their learning.  OHIP covers the cost of an eye examination for children up to the age of 19 and with the Eye See… Eye Learn program, junior kindergarten students who require glasses may receive a pair at no cost. Children starting JK this September are eligible for the program from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014. Program information can be found at www.eyeseeeyelearn.ca.

The CNIB “Toonie Campaign”

Many of us know of a friend or family member who suffers from partial or complete vision loss. It can be difficult to imagine the loss of our vision, one of our most precious senses.

May is Vision Health Month, a campaign initiated by the CNIB to raise awareness of the importance of eye examinations. The CNIB is a registered charity founded in 1981 which provides extensive resources, support and advocacy for blind or partially sighted Canadians. The organization also promotes eye health research and prevention.

During the month of May, we are donating $2 for every uninsured comprehensive eye examination on behalf of the CNIB’s “Toonie Campaign”. You can also support this campaign by donating via the coin boxes in our office or by contacting the CNIB directly.


$2 from every uninsured exam during the month of May totaled $264 for the CNIB’s “Toonie Campaign”. Thank you.
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