Month: April 2013

Garden season is so close…

Easter weekend gave us our first taste of Spring. I thought I would rush the season a little and spend a few hours poking around the yard and garden to do a little pruning, deadheading and even some weeding.

I had learned from experience several years ago that I was doing myself a favour by wearing glasses while working in the garden and woods. Back then, a corneal abrasion from an unnoticed branch caught my eye and yes, it was extremely painful. Now I can be seen sporting my safety glasses with sideshields and photochromic lenses. The photochromic lenses block UV radiation from the sun. UV rays can contribute to ocular surface disease and the development of cataracts. And the safety glasses protect my eyes from errant twigs and plant stalks which have the capacity to do more serious permanent eye damage than just a painful corneal abrasion.

So if you enjoy working outdoors, make an appointment and check out our extensive selection of prescription and nonprescription safety glasses. Your eyes will be glad you did!

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