Year: 2018

Introducing the newest members of our team!

We would like to introduce you to the three newest members of the Teeple Optometry team!

Karen has taken on the role of managing our onsite finishing lab as an optometric lab technician. She will ensure that your custom eyewear is edged and assembled accurately, efficiently and with aesthetic precision. You may also see her assisting with eyewear selection and fittings in our gallery.

Radika has stepped into the role of optometric assistant. Her previous extensive medical training has equipped her to work as an assistant to the doctors.  Her thoughtful approach will help you choose comfortable and fashionable eyewear while managing expectations and adaptation.

Alex is the newest team member working primarily in the frame gallery. Choosing eyewear can seem like a daunting task but Alex is more than able to help you choose eyewear that matches your style in a relaxed manner while respecting your preferences.

We’re very proud of our entire team and hope you are able to meet Karen, Radika and Alex at your next visit.

Arkona Health Practitioners celebrate the past and look to the future.

Arkona has attracted excellent health care practitioners over the years – most recently Drs. Kristina and Connor Rice the new physicians at the Arkona Medical Center.  To welcome and celebrate, all the practitioners with spouses recently gathered for dinner.  Dr. John Lovell provided opening remarks and welcomed the newest doctors:  Dr. Tina Morowat, optometrist; Dr. Jeremy McCallum, dentist; as well as the new physicians.  Dr. Mark Teeple presented a short history of health care in Arkona.  The health care team in Arkona now comprises physicians, dentists, chiropodist, hearing instrument specialist, optometrists and many supporting staff.  Everyone expressed how wonderful it is to work in and with this community, and that the future of health care in Arkona looks great!

Seated: Kristina Rice, Jeremy McCallum.    Back Row left to right:  Mark Teeple, Glen Teeple, Ross Teeple, Tina Morowat, Ralph Teeple, Connor Rice, John Lovell

Under Construction!

Lots is happening at Teeple Optometry! Excitement is building as we begin a significant renovation project in early April!

Teeple Optometry was established in the wonderful community of Arkona by Dr. Mark Teeple in 1979. As the practice grew, Dr. Teeple designed and built an office in 1985 were we have remained. The practice of optometry has progressed dramatically since that time but our goal of delivering excellent eyecare to our community has not. Many new technologies have been integrated into our office over the years as the practice has grown.  Now, we feel, is an excellent time to make a more significant change to the building where we work to help provide the best in patient care and experience.

Beginning April 9, Wellington Builders of Forest, utilizing local trades, will begin a major renovation project. The exciting new design, by Paula Burns from Design Matrix, will create a more welcoming reception area, a barrier free entrance and a beautiful new frame gallery.

We are working hard to minimize the disruption in our service during the renovation. The office will be closed from April 9 to April 20, however, we will be answering the phone and attempting to accommodate true emergencies. From April 23 to the end of May, we will provide limited services. Expect to visit a construction zone if you visit during this time! Because of the disruption to our frame gallery, for patients seen during that time, we will be offering a discount on new eyewear that can be used once the new gallery is completed.

We appreciate your patience during this time.  Please visit our Facebook page or our Instagram feed for periodic updates on the progress. Do call our office if you have any questions.

We’re excited for the changes and hope you are too!

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