Year: 2024

Teeple Optometry Summer Social Media Contest

Enter Our Local Gift Card Giveaway! To show our appreciation for our community, we’re giving away three gift card packages valued at $100 every month this summer.

Contest rules:

To be eligible to enter the draw, you must have purchased a new full pair of glasses (frame and lenses) or sunglasses from Teeple Optometry on or after June 1st, 2023.

Only one entry is allowed per person. Entries may be made on behalf of dependents.

To enter the draw, post a photo of your glasses (with or without you!) to Facebook or Instagram.

  • Include the following caption on your post: “I got my glasses at Teeple Optometry because ______” and fill in the blank.
  • Tag Teeple Optometry (@teeple_optometry on Instagram)

A name will be drawn from a pool of all eligible entries on July 1st, August 1st, and September 13th 2024.

The selected individual will be gifted a package of local gift certificates valued at $100, and will be removed from the pool of eligible entries for the following draws.

By submitting an eligible post as described above, you consent to the sharing or reposting of your post by Teeple Optometry’s social media accounts.

You will only be contacted by our official account and will be called by the office to confirm your prize.  We will not ask for personal or financial information.

Solar Eclipse Safety

A total solar eclipse is set to occur on April 8, 2024, from Southern Ontario to Newfoundland with the rest of Canada experiencing a partial eclipse.  This is a rare and exciting event, but can pose potential risks to vision if proper precautions are not taken.

During a solar eclipse, the moon moves between the sun and the earth, partially or completely blocking the sun’s rays.  Looking at the sun directly during an eclipse can lead to solar retinopathy, damaging the retina’s light-sensitive cells causing permanently reduced vision. 

To safeguard against eye damage, we recommend the use of specially designed solar filters such as eclipse glasses or handheld solar viewers.  These filters should comply with the ISO 12312-2 safety standards, blocking harmful ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation as well as intense visible light.  These filters should be put on before looking up at the sun and kept on while viewing.  Even a brief look at the partially eclipsed sun can result in harm to the eyes.  Children may need extra supervision during eclipses as they may not fully comprehend the risks involved.

Happy Retirement Dr. Ralph Teeple!

Teeple Optometry wishes to congratulate Dr. Ralph Teeple on his retirement from practice. Dr. Ralph graduated from the University of Waterloo, School of Optometry in 1982. He worked as an associate in a busy Ottawa practice for 6 years. In 1988, he and his wife, Dr. Lori Teeple, relocated to this area, where Dr. Ralph joined the Arkona practice that was established 9 years earlier by his brother Dr. Mark Teeple. Clinical excellence and continued learning were highly valued by Dr. Ralph. He worked part time as a clinical supervisor at the School of Optometry in Waterloo and later earned his Fellowship in the American Academy of Optometry. He co-led workshops for medical students and physicians and served as an examiner for the national entry-to practice assessments for many years.

Dr. Ralph was delighted to welcome to Teeple Optometry Dr. Tina Morowat in 2016 and his son, Dr. Liam Teeple, in 2020. Dr. Mark Teeple retired in 2020, and the practice is now owned by Dr. Tina and Dr. Liam. It was important to Dr. Ralph to help transition a progressive practice to the new owners prior to his retirement. Teeple Optometry continues to prioritize the long-held values of excellence in clinical care, continued learning, and care for the people of our local community.

Dr. Ralph will be missed by his fellow doctors, the team, and patients of Teeple Optometry. We wish him the very best going forward!

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