Arkona Health Practitioners celebrate the past and look to the future.

Arkona has attracted excellent health care practitioners over the years – most recently Drs. Kristina and Connor Rice the new physicians at the Arkona Medical Center.  To welcome and celebrate, all the practitioners with spouses recently gathered for dinner.  Dr. John Lovell provided opening remarks and welcomed the newest doctors:  Dr. Tina Morowat, optometrist; Dr. Jeremy McCallum, dentist; as well as the new physicians.  Dr. Mark Teeple presented a short history of health care in Arkona.  The health care team in Arkona now comprises physicians, dentists, chiropodist, hearing instrument specialist, optometrists and many supporting staff.  Everyone expressed how wonderful it is to work in and with this community, and that the future of health care in Arkona looks great!

Seated: Kristina Rice, Jeremy McCallum.    Back Row left to right:  Mark Teeple, Glen Teeple, Ross Teeple, Tina Morowat, Ralph Teeple, Connor Rice, John Lovell

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