Eye Wear Care Basics – An Overview

The new glasses you have purchased from Teeple Optometry look and feel fantastic but you’re wondering how you can keep them in great condition. I’ve jotted down 12 suggestions that can help you protect your glasses from excessive wear and damage. Rest assured, your glasses have been carefully crafted, using quality materials so they will serve you a long time with proper care.

  1. Wear them! Believe it or not, your glasses are less likely to be damaged when wearing them.
  2. Put them on and off with two hands without swiping them to the side.
  3. Never place glasses lens side down or where the lenses can come in contact with a hard surface and place them in a safe place, preferably folded properly in their case.
  4. Clean your glasses using only one of these three methods:
    • Dust, water spots & light soiling: Use a soft, clean microfiber cloth and gently wipe them clean.
    • Moderate oil & smudging: Use our lens spray cleaner on each surface and wipe with a soft, clean white paper towel or microfiber cloth. You can get no charge lens cleaner refills at Teeple Optometry by bringing in your empty spray bottle.
    • Heavy smudging and oil: After rinsing them with warm water, rub a drop or two of lotion free, mild dish soap on the entire surface of your lenses with your fingertips. Gently rub and rinse all the soap residue off the lenses with warm water. Gently wipe dry with a clean, soft paper towel continually moving to a dry piece of the towel.
  5. Remember to have clean hands when cleaning your glasses. Sunscreen and hand lotion are notoriously difficult to remove from lenses. Avoid contact with hairspray, paint spray or other chemicals. Avoid leaving the glasses in high temperature areas, such as in a hot car.
  6. Let us adjust your glasses. If they are uncomfortable, bent or loose, you run the risk of breaking your glasses with improper adjustment. We’re happy to do this for you at no charge, with an appointment. Periodically, check for unusual play in the temples or eye wire screws and, if loose, bring them in for tightening and resealing.
  7. Write your contact information on a card inside your lens case, in the unfortunate event of forgetting your glasses somewhere.
  8. Wear safety glasses or a shield if working in an environment where they are required, where there is a risk of impact, or if you’re concern about damage to your glasses. Ensure shields, fit overs or clip-on sunglasses are well adjusted and are not rubbing against the lenses.
  9. If you wear your sunglasses while boating, add a floating strap just in case the wind catches them!
  10. The glasses are yours. Don’t let others wear them or play with them.
  11. Your glasses have a warranty. If parts need replacement, check with us to see if they’re covered.
  12. Glasses do eventually show signs of age because of normal wear or change in fashion. Even if your prescription hasn’t changed, expect to replace your glasses every couple of years. That way, you’ll have a fairly current second pair as well.
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