Ultrawide field image

Introducing Ultrawide Field Imaging!

New technology has brought about several remarkable transformations in the way we provide eye care since we began our practice in 1979. Equipment has been introduced over time which has allowed us to diagnose eye conditions with greater accuracy and at much earlier stages than ever before.  Utilizing these new technologies allows you to receive more complex and comprehensive care with the aim of maintaining good eye health and vision. In keeping with our mission to provide the best care possible for our community, you will be introduced to an exciting new diagnostic instrument during your next visit to our office.

Ultrawide field imaging is a new technology designed to better assess the health of the entire retina in patients of all ages. Macular disorders, age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinal holes or tears, peripheral retinal degeneration, retinal detachments, retinal tumours, vascular disorders, glaucoma, and hypertensive retinopathy are some of the conditions that can affect the eye, often without pain or visual symptoms. Children are not exempt from having retinal disease and require a thorough examination too.

Previously, the examination of the retina was best performed by direct examination with ophthalmoscopes and retinal photographs, often through dilated pupils. These techniques allowed a detailed view of a small part of the retina at a time, akin to examining a dark room with a flashlight. These techniques will not be abandoned and are still required for assessment in many situations.

Optos Daytona

The company Optos, has developed an instrument, Daytona Optomap, that uses scanning lasers of 2 different wavelengths to rapidly generate a detailed view of 80+% of the entire retina, far more area than any previous instrument. The procedure is painless and easy for the patient and may lessen the frequency of pupil dilating drops. The doctors are able to immediately view the various images generated during the examination.

Eyemaginations has produced a short video describing ultrawidefield imaging and the Optomap instrument that you can view here.

As doctors and optometric personnel charged with the responsibility of providing you the best in eye care, we are excited to offer you this new service and to answer any questions you may have about it.

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