The message behind the brand

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It’s spring time, and this spring Teeple Optometry also has a fresh new look.  This new “branding” is more than just appearances.  It’s a look that invites you to experience a strength of Teeple Optometry many have come to appreciate, our excellent service.

“Since 1979”   Between Dr. Mark and Dr. Ralph we have a combined 66 years of providing eye care to the community.  Add in the combined years of service of our dedicated team, and we top 135 years.  That’s a lot of experience and understanding of the particular needs of our community.  We are dedicated to not just eye health but also the economic health of the community that we call home.   North Lambton and North-West Middlesex is where we raise our families, care for our land, go to school, conduct our business and of course, ride our bikes!

Appearances are important – especially when it comes to the eyewear that becomes the face we present to the world.  Eyewear fashion is a great way for our clients to support their personality and values with their eyewear style.

“Professional expertise”  Life has a way of presenting health challenges as time goes on – including eye health concerns.  At Teeple Optometry we work hard to make certain that our credentials and training are the best in our field.  And we carefully evaluate and employ new technologies for assessing eye health, treating eye disease and dealing with eye emergencies.

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